Show Control
  • Audio & Video, Lighting, Special effects control system integration
  • Complex special effects time-code synchronization system
  • Distributed system architecture with multi-interface,high expansibility & compatibility
Ride Control
  • Ride control system integration, dark ride, launch roller cost, whole track speed control castor
  • DOF system, superior quickly response system
  • Water slide control system:cooperation with US experts - Cogito Automation, we provide the most professional water slide & conveyor control solution
Core product agent
Provide the most valuable solution according to our experience and project requirements
  • Trolley conductor & Contactless power supply system can meet all kinds of vehicle power requirements
  • QR / Magnetic code strip positioning system, high-accuracy position system, ±1mm, 12m/s
  • Communication system: Rcoax, SMGM microwave guide, Fluid mesh wireless network
  • Waterslide safety control solution package
High standard panel integration
Provide GB, UL & CE standard panels
  • Intelligent MCC, Complex multi-motors system intelligent solution
  • Control & Servo panels: PLC and Servo panel meet EMC standard
  • Media panels: Show control panel, Media panel and Lighting panel
  • IT panels:Filtered air condition can meet IT panel integration requirement
PMP certificated project management team and PMi project management process!
Safety & Standard
TUV certificated Functional Safety Professional can provide
  • Safety assessment & Fault analysis:IEC 60204、UL508A
  • Safety system design:IEC 60204、UL508A
  • Electrical standard: IEC 60204、UL508A
  • Normative structured programming
Reduce system risk and improve system reliability!
Service and training
  • Support Global OEM to build Asian Tech-Support Center
  • Urgent spare parts supply and system up-gration
  • IBE-Install Base Everluation: Help you to know & maintain you equipment better