High-Speed Intelligent ELV System in Scenic Spots based on 5G

5G supported real time surveillance system-enhancing service and risk control level

5G supported devices signal transmitting interface , comprehensively monitoring for stable operation

Centralized service data management and data asset application, enhance effectiveness and efficiency of park operation

Customized 5G based Value Added Service

High speed camera, video data synchronous transmission and smart video fusing service

Wireless integrated show control system solution

In park tourist tracking, location, Intelligent identification and risk analysis solution

System Solution for Smart Park

5G smart system supported data management and application platform

Artificial intelligence supported Business decision making service and visualized general control center solution

Public opinion management and marketing performance analysis solution

Theme Park ELV intelligence Solution

Extra-Low Voltage System

Internet of Things supported real time security and safety surveillance system, enhance the safety management and risk control level

Interface based entertainment devices operating data collection and analysis, comprehensively monitoring each situation in park operating procedure

Centralized data storage, analysis and application, increase the data asset and enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of park operation

Park Information Design and Implementation

Scenic Area Informatization

Operation Operating and administration system

Device maintenance and asset management system

Public opinion analysis and marketing system

Intelligence Theme Park Solution

Intelligent Paradise Complete Solution

Centralized data management system based on Intelligence part information system

Artificial intelligence supported Business decision making service

visualization supported analysis display and decision making service